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Planning & Party Wall Specialists are a professional and experienced practice providing Planning Consultant and Party Wall Surveyor services. Our services are available to the private householder, developers and commercial clients.

We are able to advise and act for you in all aspects of Town & Country Planning and Party wall matters.

We bring to bear a vast experience in both fields.

Our planning consultants expertise allows us to represent you in both contentious and non-contentious planning issues. We regularly prepare and submit planning applications for small and major projects. We appear and speak on your behalf as your planning consultant where a planning application is to be decided by a planning committee. We prepare the case and represent our clients in planning appeals. Where a client approaches us having been served an enforcement notice, we represent the client in negotiations with the local authority to achieve the best result.

Our team of party wall surveyors expertise is applied in advising you whether your proposed works fall under the Party Wall Act. Where your works fall under the Act we will prepare and serve the required notice to the adjoining property owners on your behalf. We will then continue to Act for you as your appointed party wall surveyor steering your works through the intricacies of the Act to ensure that your works are commenced as quickly as possible and with all necessary provisions in place.

If you are served notice by an adjoining owner in regard to works they are proposing, we will advise you and respond to the notice on your behalf as your party wall surveyor. With our long held experience of construction practice and procedures we will work to reduce any risk of damage or disturbance to your property and living environment whilst adjoining works are underway.

We are often called upon to act as Planning consultant and Party wall surveyor as a package, as the two go hand in hand. We are happy to provide individual or joint aspects of our service.


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